[Geany-Devel] Request to merge PR #226

Shankhoneer Chakrovarty shankhoneer at xxxxx
Fri Mar 28 19:06:24 UTC 2014

Thanks Dimitar. Please find my response below.

> Hi guys,
> >
> > I know everybody is busy with release of geany 1.24 .
> > Can somebody please find sometime to merge
> > PR#226<https://github.com/geany/geany/pull/226> so
> > that it goes to geany release 1.24?
> >
> > If there is some problem please do tell me. I would fix it asap.
> Min fields are fixed, but:
> It still supports the buildin parser only (not regex), and the "gcc
> like" syntax only (though the D and HTML examples have warnings).
> It still assumes that "warning" is at line_idx + 2 (unless I'm
> missing something), though the examples for the so called "gcc type
> error" for JAVA and LATEX have it at line_idx + 1.

Yes PR#226 is specific for C/C++ warnings and that too for gcc like
compiler error messages for c/cpp which has 'warning' keyword in
line_idx+2, for all other languages (other than C/C++) the PR is harmless,
it falls back to the behavior geany has now, show red squiggly line
irrespective of warning or error. I can do that for other programming
languages too, but I am not sure whether people programming in those
languages like to see different coloring scheme for warning and error.

I have not changed the regex parser because I am still trying to find how
regex parsing of compiler errors works in geany, its taking longer than I

Last and least, pull request #191 and SF patch #11 are earlier than
> #226. If one of them is applied, #226 will be seriously broken.

I had no idea about these PRs. Thanks for pointing this out. I will check

But we already discussed all this. Why do you insist on #226 in it's
> current form?

So I guess what you are trying to suggest is:
1. Generalize the behavior for all the programming languages supported by
geany. I have to find out which languages generate warning messages and
which dont, this may take some time.
2. Remove the hard coding of line_idx+2
3. Make changes for both regex parsing as well as older parsing method

If I make these changes, will then you merge the PR? Or Do I need to do
more changes? Please feel free to give me feedback. I am new to geany
development and I am primarily use geany for C++/Python programming so I am
very biased towards these languages and might miss the bigger picture.

Shankhoneer Chakrovarty
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