[Geany-Devel] [Geany-Users] Geany 1.24 getting closer

Pavel Roschin roshin at xxxxx
Sun Mar 23 10:05:44 UTC 2014

> Dunno, but personally I don't like non-standard mouse button
> functionality so I won't merge it, and I guess nobody else sees the
> point either.

There was a point from Ban:
> We do it unconditionally for notebook tabs, and AFAIK there is no common
> behavior on middle click in this case, so closing wouldn't be unexpected,
> would it?
So I removed ability to make it configurable. I don't see the reason to make
whole plugin because of one mouse button and simplest patch but who should
decide - close or merge?

> My last comment noted that you have added a setting, but not
> documented it.  AFAICT that is still the case.

This patch also involves doc/geany.txt. If doc/geany.txt is not documentation,
what is?

> >
> > Fixed memry leaks unmerged:
> > https://github.com/geany/geany/pull/186/files
> This change is not explained, what does it do, why do you want to change it?
I cannot leave bug report on SF because of buggy accounts and cannot open
Issue in GitHub, so I decided to make PR. This PR eliminates two memory
* g_listenv returns an array of strings and should be freed, g_return* breaks
* after returning GString's buffer->str, buffer should be freed but it doesn't
  (even if it is a static pointer it will make a noise in valgrind report).

If you want to keep them just close PR. I already closed other old PR's I have
no time to maintain at this moment. But these seems to be clear and simple.

Best regards,
Pavel Roschin aka RPG

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