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Shankhoneer Chakrovarty shankhoneer at xxxxx
Sun Mar 16 07:32:47 UTC 2014

Thanks Lex. Sorry for the late reply.

You seemed to be returning "is this a warning or not", so thats a
> boolean condition that can be tested locally and returned as such.
> Returning a pointer to part of the message and then testing it in code
> far far away is likely to be confusing for maintenance.

I agree and I understand your concern. The problem I have is if I modify
the functions (msgwin_parse_compiler_error_line and others in the chain) to
return a boolean value(whether its an error or warning) I have no way to
test whether the function continues to work for all the  filetypes
supported by geany. Functions like msgwin_parse_compiler_error_line and
others are extremely generic and is supposed to work for all the filetypes.
I have tested my code for C, C++, Java, Python and LaTex and it seems to
work. This brings me to my second point, can you please share with me any
testing code that you guys might have?

> Then it would be best to make a pull request on github so we can
> attach comments to the source, thanks.

I have made the pull request. Again thank you for being so patient and
helping me understand all the nitty-gritties of geany source code.

Shankhoneer Chakrovarty
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