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Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Thu Mar 13 00:49:17 UTC 2014

>> 4. is setting a pointer to a piece of the string and comparing it to
>> "warning" really the best way of returning that information rather
>> than a bool or enum?
> [Shankhoneer] I dont understand exactly what you are trying to suggest. Do
> you mean that I should create a function that returns which color the line
> should be given the error message? I have never used C before in production
> software as big as geany so please feel free to comment directly what would
> be a better approach.

You seemed to be returning "is this a warning or not", so thats a
boolean condition that can be tested locally and returned as such.
Returning a pointer to part of the message and then testing it in code
far far away is likely to be confusing for maintenance.

>> 5. compiler lines are also parsed by filetypes_parse_compiler_line()
> [Shankhoneer] I couldnt find filetypes_parse_compiler_line() but I found
> filetypes_parse_error_message() in filetypes.c

er, yeah, that one, stupid fingers autotyping :)

>> The preferred way of providing changes is now via pull requests on
>> github rather than patches.  The HACKING needs updating.
> [Shankhoneer] I have forked the project and working on the forked repo.

Then it would be best to make a pull request on github so we can
attach comments to the source, thanks.

>> >
>> > Also, I am reading the geany source code and modified some part of it to
>> > suit my personal needs so if you need a hand in resolving bugs, please
>> > do
>> > tell me. I am particularly interested in
>> > https://sourceforge.net/p/geany/bugs/254/ .
>> See also #907 :-D
> [Shankhoneer] Woah! #907 is like a long TODO list for C++11. I have started
> to look into some of the issues like 5e.

WARNING: many of those are still in the list because they are not easy :)

5 e? sigh, stupid sourceforge, its new version has autonumbered an old
manually numbered list, what do they expect, that everyone should be
going through all their bugs and editing them to suit the new style?

Anyway 5 e is probably a Scintilla issue, which is a separate project
which we use, www.scintilla.org.  You should send patches there so its
confirmed that the change is acceptable to them.


> Thanks,
> Shankhoneer Chakrovarty
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