[Geany-Devel] Spellcheck plugin doesn't work with enchant

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Tue Mar 11 23:03:21 UTC 2014

> Hi,
>>>> Any thoughts on how I might overcome this problem?
>>> Could you try on the command line the following command:
>>> # enchant-lsmod
>> Here's the output:
>> # enchant-lsmod
>> aspell (Aspell Provider)
>> ispell (Ispell Provider)
>> myspell (Myspell Provider)
> that's fine.
>>> to check if Enchant knows its engines? This command should output a few
>>> engines installed on the system (e.g. "hspell (Hspell Provider)").
>>> And please try:
>>> # echo "hllo" | enchant -a -d en_US
>>> that should output a list of alternative spellings for "hllo".
>> # echo "hllo" | enchant -a -d en_US
>> @(#) International Ispell Version 3.1.20 (but really Enchant 1.6.0)
>> Couldn't create a dictionary for en_US
>> This was interesting to me. Because when I chose
>> /usr/share/dict
>> in the dictionary field for the plugin, the plugin still complained about
>> no enchant lib.
> Hmm, to be honest I'm not sure whether the dictionary path setting works
> at all on Unix-like systems. IIRC only one engine (myspell) implemented
> this feature at all and is mostly important on Windows. On Unix-like
> systems enchant usually finds its dictionaries in common or compiled in
> paths (things like FHS are a great thing).

OK. Had another chance to have a go at resolving this. Here's the output:

# echo "hllo" | enchant -a -d en_US
@(#) International Ispell Version 3.1.20 (but really Enchant 1.6.0)
& hllo 91 0: hello, halo, halloo, hallow, hollow, Hall, Hill, Hull, hall, hell, hill, hull,
hellos, Gallo, jello, lilo, Holly, hilly, holly, Ho, LL, ho, ll, lo, Hal, Halon, halls, halon,
halos, helot, help, hills, hulls, allow, alloy, Flo, HBO, HMO, Ill, Lao, Leo, PLO, all,
ell, ill, loo, Hale, hale, hole, holy, hula, cello, Hals, Holt, half, halt, held, helm,
hilt, hold, hols, hulk, Cleo, Clio, Colo, Ella, Hugo, Milo, Mlle, Polo, ally, filo, hero,
hobo, homo, hypo, kilo, oleo, polo, silo, solo, he'll, hello's, Hull's, hall's, hell's,
hill's, hull's, halo's, Hal's, I'll

> Anyway, the above error "Couldn't create a dictionary for en_US" is the
> key. Your dictionaries are installed in /usr/share/dict?
> It seems for some reason, the engines (ispell, aspell, myspell) don't
> search in this path or they don't find usable dictionaries in this path.
> Could you maybe strace the above enchant command to get an idea where it
> does look for the dictionary files?
> I suspect a simple path problem here.
> Is there anything special in your setup? I can't imagine enchant/*spell
> doesn't work out-of-the-box on a FreeBSD system.

No special setup per-se'. But FreeBSD provides aspell(1) out-of-the-box
"part of System". So I /assumed/, because the dictionary was present, as
well as aspell, that all would be good. Not so. Enchant knows nothing
about that version. So I had to install a "User" version of my chosen
language dictionary (en/US). Having now done so. Everything works as

Thank you very much, for taking the time, and trouble to assist me, Enrico.


> Regards,
> Enrico
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