[Geany-Devel] Win32 color chooser dialog removal, concerning the Pull Request #215

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Wed Mar 5 23:55:09 UTC 2014

On 14-03-05 12:14 PM, Enrico Tröger wrote:
> On 04/03/14 16:41, Matthew Brush wrote:
>> On 14-03-04 06:57 AM, Steven VALSESIA wrote:
>>> Hi everybody !
>>> I copy-paste a code that belong to Peter Scholtens that add an apply
>>> button
>>> to the color chooser.
>>> But to make that code useful to windows users, and make the code more
>>> maintainable, I choose to remove the Win32 API window dialog and put the
>>> Gtk's one !
>> As long as it's not the new toy GTK3 dialog made for exclusively for
>> smart phones, it's really really terrible.
>>> Does someone know why that dialog has been used for ?
>>> Does somebody feel that move disrespectful ? :P
>> IMO, it should follow the "use_win32_native_dialogs" (or whatever)
>> preference at least, like the other native win32 dialogs. But, I see no
>> point in completely removing it while leaving all the other win32 native
>> dialogs in there, it seems kind of an arbitrary change.
> Agreed.
> @Steven: the reason for the native win32 dialogs is simply that people
> requested it. And I think it's not that bad in general to have native
> dialogs while it is also good to have GTK dialogs which are also
> somewhat native, just to GTK.
> It's just the win32 API which is horrible.

Yeah, and its interaction with the GTK+ event/drawing loop (or lack 
thereof) that causes craziness like this:


Also the dialogs are somewhat inconsistent, in that from the main menu 
View->Set Font always uses the native win32 font-chooser dialog on 
Windows regardless of the "use native dialogs setting", and inversly in 
the preferences dialog Interface->Fonts never use native dialogs, 
irrespective of that option (due to using GtkFontChooserButton).

>> Also the colour chooser should be in a plugin too IMO, not mixed-in to
>> core code, but I guess that's a different subject :)
> Yes.
> IIRC there is somewhere a TODO floating around suggesting this. Don't
> remember where it was (code, file TODO, my head, ...).

I actually moved it into a plugin before, I'm sure it's around somewhere 
buried in a branch in my backups, if anyone cares enough I can try to 
find it. IIRC the main barriers were; feature regression due to 
inability to have a plugin enabled by default; not integrated into the 
toolbar customization stuff; some of needed win32 API functions were not 
exposed (rightly so).

Matthew Brush

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