[Geany-Devel] RFC: Keybindings rewrite

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sat Jun 7 22:35:09 UTC 2014

Le 06/06/2014 16:24, Yosef Or Boczko a écrit :
> I think it better to port to GAction instead of GtkAction (GtkAction
> has been deprecated since version 3.10 and will be removed in GTK+ 4),
> so it will be ease to port geany to GTK+ 4 in the future.
> Also, IIRC, there is a problem with GtkAction, wich cause to some
> accelactors
> to work only when the keywoard layout on Englisg.
> For example, most of the accelactors in epiphany dosn't work when the
> keywoard
> layout is Hebrew, and it will be solved when someone will port epiphany
> from GtkAction
> GAction.

…or fix the bug in GtkAction.  And is this really a bug in GtkAction
that was never discovered or fixed in the GTK2 days, or is it a specific
issue with Epiphany?
Anyway, as Thomas said, it's too recent to be a candidate for Geany
right now.  But if it really doesn't work, we may not want to use it then…

> Also, I think it will be good idea to port all geany to GApplication &
> GtkApplication,

Basically GTK3 only (or we re-do almost everything ourselves, plus
depend on a post-GTK2.24 glib), and although I like those classes,
porting it for the sake of porting it doesn't sound sensible.  Yes they
probably simplify some of our code, but the cost of porting and
retaining same behavior might not be worth it.

> GAction and GOptionContext and other new GTK+ API.

We use GOptionContext for ages.

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