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Devyn Collier Johnson devyncjohnson at xxxxx
Tue Jul 29 13:20:56 UTC 2014

On 07/28/2014 04:28 PM, Frank Lanitz wrote:
> Am 28.07.2014 um 21:37 schrieb Devyn Collier Johnson:
>> I would like to contribute to Geany by submitting additional license
>> headers and some more file templates like what would be found under
>> /usr/share/geany/templates. I have already made some license headers and
>> file templates. Would the Geany developers be interested in them? If so,
>> then where would be the best place to send them? Would the destination
>> like them as a zip, tarball, etc?
> I think the best thing would be a pull request against
> https://github.com/geany/geany
> The most of the templates you are mentioned you can find at
> data/templates.
>> Does this mailing list use bottom
>> posting or top posting?
> Bottom posting.
> Cheers,
> Frank
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Thanks, Frank for the idea. I will try that on Github.

Matthew Brush, yes you are right, The licenses are hard-coded. I find 
that odd though because it makes it harder for the user to use other 
licenses. I know of many projects that use other licenses besides GPLv2 
and BSD. Whether you want to spend time fixing this is up to you. For my 
personal use, I can just keep a folder of headers and copy+paste the 

Thank you all for the help. If anyone wishes to contact me, email me at 
DevynCJohnson at Gmail.com. I just joined the mailing list for the sole 
purpose of asking my question (I will unsubscribe soon). I do not plan 
to be a regular developer. I just wanted to give something to my 
favorite IDE.

Devyn Collier Johnson
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