[Geany-Devel] Why smart indentation is so stupid?

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Fri Jul 25 20:01:36 UTC 2014

Le 25/07/2014 21:33, Pavel Roschin a écrit :
> I'm very wondered how does "smart indentation" feature work. If previous line
> is empty, it removes indent assuming that single empty line is an empty indent.
> Smart indentation for multiple lines is absolutely awful: it doesn't take into
> account internal sub-indents and makes selection "flat".

It's a lie, this feature isn't smart, it just sets the same indentation
than the previous line.

> Is anybody using this?

I doubt it

> Under "smart" indentation people assume astyle, php-beautifier and so on:
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18828162/smart-auto-indentation-available-in-geany

Yeah, we know we should have a nice (and complex) system for
configurable smart indentation, but every time we tried to think about
it we discovered that some languages are so crazy that it's really not
simple, and probably would require some specific code for some languages
(did I say Haskell?).  And nobody did the filetypes plugins yet :(

However, you might be able to use some indenters tools from Geany using
custom commands to some extent.  In a similar way, I once started a
multi-indernters plugin, but I didn't finish it for various reasons, one
being my lack of much interest in it (I'd rather work on a solution for
configurable and nice thing for Geany than on wrapping gnuindent, astyle
or others, tools I never really used).
If anyone is interested, it's here: https://github.com/b4n/grind


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