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Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Thu Jan 16 05:19:53 UTC 2014


> 1) The submenu is in the tools menu, but I feel it would be better in
> the Document menu underneath the existing folding functions. Is this a
> good idea, and if so, how to I get at the document menu (since I can't
> say geany->main_widgets->tools_menu)?

In general its not a good idea to hide your menu items in existing menus,
users don't know where to look.

> 2) I didn't set the keybindings since it's not recommended as it may
> interfere with existing ones. Is there a way to set them if the given
> key is not in use, or is that a bad idea?

How do you know that the user hasn't defined this key for the *next* plugin
to be loaded after yours, the loading order is not defined?  No, bad idea.

> 3) In the actual folding code I used sci_get_fold_level (and a couple
> other scintilla wrappers) which aren't in the plugin API so I gather
> my plugin may break at some point. There doesn't seem to be a way
> around this for what I want to do. Is this ok?

No, as you say the plugin may break in the future and it won't work on
windows IIUC.  Ask on the dev ML for what you need in the API, it may be
able to be added.

> 4) Is there another plugin out there that does this? I couldn't find one.
> 5) Would geany-plugins accept another plugin?

As Steven said, if you commit to maintaining it, most likely.


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> Peter O'Malley
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