[Geany-Devel] Python tags

Johann SAUNIER jsaunier.devel at xxxxx
Thu Jan 9 20:57:55 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Code navigation in Python language is a pain due to the fact that the
action "go to symbol definition" on classes or methods don't go to the
actual definition, but rather heads to the import line at the top of the
file. I am a bit surprised that no one complains about that...

The guilty is the call to parseImports() in tagmanager/ctags/python.c.

I have disabled this line and this fixes the problem. Now, Python
navigation is behaving correctly.

I tried to make it configurable but it seems to be rather complicated to
reach (in a clean way) the ctags code from Geany's configurator.

Would it be possible to only delete the line in Geany's source code ? or is
anyone more interested in being redirected to the import line rather than
the actual definition ?

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