[Geany-Devel] Python question

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Sat Apr 26 00:15:47 UTC 2014

On 14-04-25 10:18 AM, Pavel Roschin wrote:
>> On 14-04-24 09:44 PM, Pavel Roschin wrote:
>>> I'm played with GeanyPy plugin and faced with a problem.
>>> Here is the source code I created to get current document from sidebar:
>>> 	def press(self, widget, event, data=None):
>>> 		if event.button != 2:
>>> 			return
>>> 		mod, it = widget.get_selection().get_selected()
>>> 		doc = mod.get(it, 2)[0]
>>> According to sidebar.c, mod.get(it, 2) should return pointer to Document.
>> This isn't supported/recommended to do in either Geany plugin API or
>> GeanyPy, but see below.
> But how can I do this in native way? I just want to implement simplest feature I
> proposed in PR #172 which seems will take forever to accept.

I just meant it's not recommended for plugins to rely on the tree view 
implementation stuff like which tree model columns have various things 
packed in them and such just because it's undocumented and could change 
anytime. Anyway, you are of course free to do anything you want, and if 
that's the only way, what else can you do? :)

>> If you really want to, maybe try to call the C function
>> `Document_create_new_from_geany_document()` (in
>> src/geanypy-document.[ch]) which is used by GeanyPy internally, but
>> should be callable somehow from Python.
> How can I call this function? I could try to use ctypes to load library but
> I didn't find native way to get full path to geanypy library.

It should be in the "current" library (not sure correct term), like if 
it was C, you would call `dlopen(NULL, ...)`. I'm not familiar enough 
with ctypes to say exactly but if it had a function like 
`load_library()` I'd expect you would pass `None` where it expects a 
filename. Alternatively, you might try `geany.document.__file__` to 
pickup the C module's filename where the symbol lives, if that works.

Matthew Brush

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