[Geany-Devel] Any votes for a "Project-Tree" plugin?

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Fri Apr 18 05:32:37 UTC 2014

> On the packaging side, it would be great to have the incentive of getting
> something onto the standard packaging system, since then it becomes a
> simpler (more incremental) task to 'stay current' with geany, and not get
> left behind (as happened with my previous SciTE dependency).

To make sure you don't have incorrect expectations let me explain.

Geany-Plugins is a separate project from Geany providing a collection
of plugins.  Although some of its plugins are made by Geany
developers, and it tries to synchronise releases with Geany for user
convenience, the plugins are not supported by the Geany project or the
Geany-Plugins project.  You will still have to maintain any plugin
that is part of the collection yourself (or get someone to volunteer
for you).  And being part of the collection means there is an extra
step to that maintenance, beyond just having it in your own github, as
you need to submit pull requests to the collection.

Plugins that are not maintained are considered orphaned, and may be
removed from the collection. (Well, that threat has not been carried
out ... yet :)

Of course being part of the Geany-Plugins collection means you *might*
get more contributors than you would just on github, but you *will*
get more feature demands, bug reports, complaints etc all of which
have to be dealt with.  If you would have trouble staying 'current'
when your plugin is not in the Geany-Plugins collection, you will have
more trouble if your plugin is in the collection, because there is
more to do.  Of course having other people using your plugin may
provide you with an incentive you need.

Initially you may be better off just using github and getting yourself
listed on the "Third Party" list on the plugins website.


> Martin
> :-)

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