[Geany-Devel] Any votes for a "Project-Tree" plugin?

Frank Lanitz frank at xxxxx
Thu Apr 17 09:33:42 UTC 2014

Am 17.04.2014 02:42, schrieb Lex Trotman:
> On 17 April 2014 00:34, Martin Andrews <Martin.Andrews at redcatlabs.com> wrote:
>> I originally started programming on a Borland IDE, which allowed me to place
>> my projects files into a tree that was independent of their layout on disk.
>> I became so attached to it, I helped reimplement similar functionality for
>> SciTE (scitepm).
>> (I'm not sure whether the attached picture will show up, but it illustrates
>> how I like to group, say the 'cloud' functionality together in a web
>> project, even though the elements of that functionality lie in 'templates',
>> ' static/js', 'static/css', etc)
>> However, apparently SciTE isn't being updated in my distribution (Fedora),
>> and it would be better to have this functionality embedded in something with
>> forward motion - like Geany.
>> The functions that this would include are :
>> a)  Do a search upwards from the current directory for a suitable
>> '.geany/tree-project.conf'
>> b)  Load a tree of files from some YAML-like format on disk, and put them in
>> a side-bar tab
>> c)  Allow this tree to be edited (new sub-groups, add a file, delete a file,
>> etc)
>> d)  Save tree to disk (typically this wouldn't change much once a project
>> had stabilised - so the file could be put in git, for instance).  This
>> wouldn't include 'currently open' indicators, since they're more volatile.
>> e)  That's about it : Other tools look like they're already doing a great
>> job for file searching, etc.
>> If this already exists, please let me know : I don't want to reinvent the
>> wheel.
> Have you looked at the two existing project plugins, Geanyprj and
> GProject and do they do what you want.

Not sure whether one of them can be used as basis -- but ... I think a
lot of peob´ple hoping of some extensions of plugin project functions.


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