[Geany-Devel] Windows binaries for testing (was: Re: Geany 1.23 Waf install under win32)

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sun Apr 13 08:52:12 UTC 2014

On 12/04/14 17:18, Matthew Brush wrote:
> On 14-04-12 03:14 AM, Enrico Tröger wrote:
>> On 11/04/14 20:04, Enrico Tröger wrote:> On 11/04/14 19:24, Enrico
>> Tröger wrote:
>>>> On 11/04/14 08:41, Steven VALSESIA wrote:
>>>>> Hi !
>>>>> I wanted to try this test-build
>>>>> http://uvena.de/tmp/geany-1.24_setup_test.exe, but I cannot ran it.
>>>>> I had to had these dependency :
>>>>> *libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dlllibstdc++-6.dlllibwinpthread-1.dll*
>>>>> But even if I had them, I cannot run it because my version of
>>>>> libstdc++-6.dll (and number of other I tested) don't have the call for
>>>>> __gxx_personality_sj0.
>>>>> What's the problem ? (I'm running Windows 7 pro 64bits).
>>>> Ouch.
>>>> Not yet sure what's wrong, I'll have a look.
>>>> I built the binaries also on Windows 7 64bits :(.
>>> Could you try the following Geany binary:
>>> http://uvena.de/tmp/geany_static.exe
>>> I built this one with -static but not really sure if it had any effect.
>>> Where is your libstdc++6.dll coming from? We don't ship it, so I'm
>>> wondering.
>>> If the above binary won't work, could you then try to copy
>>> http://uvena.de/tmp/libstdc%2b%2b-6.dll into the Geany bin directory,
>>> next to geany.exe? This version is the one from the Strawberry Perl
>>> distribution which includes a whole complete gcc build which I use to
>>> compile the binaries.
>> Forget the above, these files won't help.
>> I built the binaries with a newly set up build environment on Windows 7,
>> including much newer Mingw gcc bundle (previously 3.4, now 4.7). Either
>> it was a change in gcc or a change in the updated Waf build system but
>> now we need to pass -static-libgcc and -static-libstdc++ to the linker
>> in order to remove the above noticed dependency.
>> In the following builds I did this and tested them additionally on an
>> old Windows XP (32bit):
>> http://uvena.de/tmp/geany-1.24_setup_test2.exe
>> http://uvena.de/tmp/geany-plugins-1.24_setup_test.exe
>> Now, the installers and binaries included are also properly digitially
>> signed by me in case anybody cares.
>> I'd be happy if anyone else could test them and verify everything runs
>> fine.
> Works good on my XP VM.

Fine. Thanks for testing.

> If it's not too late, any chance of sticking the geany-themes in there?
> It's just ~20 .conf files from our geany-themes repo needs to go to same
> place as alt.conf theme.
> If not, no biggie, just thought it would be cool to have the themes
> packaged for windows but a separate installer/package is overkill for
> some .conf files, IMO.

Will do. Yesterday I thought about this as well but wasn't sure. But
since you suggested it and it is easy enough, I'll include them themes.


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