[Geany-Devel] Geany performance

Pavel Roschin rpg89 at xxxxx
Sun Sep 29 08:40:10 UTC 2013

> Agreed. But here's the thing: every single file that is loaded needs to be:
> 1) Loaded from disk (slow)
>    - Malloc a C string for whole document
> 2) Copied into scintilla buffer
>    - Freed whole document string
> 3) Completely lexed by Scintilla lexer (blocking for huge docs)
> 4) Grabbing the raw char* of the buffer from Scintilla.
> 5) ** Does it take a whole other copy here? **
> 6) Passing through CTags and TM (blocking for huge docs).
> 7) Updating the user CTags into Scintilla keywords. (SCI_SETKEYWORDS 
> with Ctags results)
> 8) Updating the Symbols tree view with new parsed tags.
> 9) Focusing the GTK+ notebook page
> 10) Setting caret pos to 0 which should be the natural position of the 
> caret but who knows what magic Scintilla does when moving caret.
> At present, most of these steps can't be delayed, they all kind of 
> depend on the others due to Geany assuming a single thread on a single 
> core and sharing a bunch of the loaded data globally between modules.

I'm talking about bulk file loading. Loading single file is fast enough, it
slow when you "Focusing the GTK+ notebook page" for EACH file even if it will
not be ever shown (because there are more files in queue).

> If you have a single project with 10M files, surely you are doing 
> something wrong :)

Google in Chromium project definitely does something wrong?:)

> Indeed we would encourage any contributions here, but just remember it's 
> existing software with certain hardcoded assumptions that have to be 
> lived with. It's easy to bikeshed about how stuff should be, it's a 
> whole different story to actually update the gnarly code to make it a 
> reality and not break everyone's IDE in the process :)

Of course I cannot predict, that simple instruction:

if(pos == sci_get_current_position(sci)) return;

will break something. But if it will, there are _serious_ architecture issues.

But maybe experimenting on beta-testing stage isn't crazy idea?

Best regards,
Pavel Roschin aka RPG

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