[Geany-Devel] Interested making a patch to add QML support

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Thu Sep 26 10:33:57 UTC 2013

On 26 September 2013 20:09, Tory Gaurnier <torygaurnier at gmail.com> wrote:

> Ok, so I've been looking at git, and I kinda got it figured out, I cloned
> the master branch from GitHub to my computer, branched it, then I copied
> over my updated files, and commited the changes, so now I have a few
> questions. First of all using 'git add' after you configure and make the
> source it ignores all the extra files right? And how do I go about
> submitting it to be reviewed? Do I just 'git push'? Or do I have to make a
> branch on GitHub and push it there?

The process is:

1. Make a fork on github, that is your personal copy you can change as much
as you like
2. clone it to your computer and change it and push the changes back to
your github fork, make your changes on a branch other than master, eg
3. when it reaches a suitable quality level (there is a warning there :)
create a pull request asking for the changes to be incorporated into master

See the github documentation on those steps, IMHO Github doco isn't
terrible well organised, but google is your friend


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