[Geany-Devel] Interested making a patch to add QML support

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Wed Sep 25 19:51:37 UTC 2013

Le 25/09/2013 20:55, Tory Gaurnier a écrit :
> [...]
> Still can't figure it out, to test I even put printf("MAKING TAG: %s -
> %d - %s - %c\n", tag->name, (int)tag->lineNumber, tag->kindName,
> tag->kind); in entry.c's makeTagEntry function, and it prints just as
> you'd expect, it prints the info for QML objects and JS functions, but
> only the JS functions show in the symbol list, I've tried tracing it
> back further but can't even figure it out. But, I mean, if makeTagEntry
> is getting all the data, it should be adding to symbol list right???
> This is getting very frustrating, I've looked over my code a million
> times and I can't find anything that would be keeping this from working,
> it works fine in CTags, but not in Geany, makeSimpleTag works fine, but
> when I try to manually use makeTagEntry, nothing happens, even though
> makeSimpleTag is doing the exact same thing...

Geany requires the tag type long name to be one of the known ones as
seen in tagmanager/src/tm_tag.c:s_tag_type_names[] array.  This is to
translate them to a numeric ID we use internally.  And no, unknown name
don't become tm_tag_other_t but tm_tag_undef_t.

Also, not all types may be displayed,
src/symbols.c:tag_list_add_groups() decides which type are displayed as
what -- if your language don't follow the common
function/class/interface/structure/variables/… scheme you may want to
add your language-specific case to give the proper title to the groups.


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