[Geany-Devel] Harbour programming language

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Mon Oct 28 15:00:37 UTC 2013

Hello folks,

I like this nice editor and I am interested to know if it would be possible 
to add Harbour (www.harbour-project.org) language to it with syntax 
highlighting, intellisense, etc...

I tried to read the “hack geany” webpage but I have to admit it was 
confusing to me...

How can I add Harbour to it? I have a list of functions, commands and 
directives. Some things are like in "C" (comments, directives). Harbour is 
powerful wrapper from xBase to "C". Very interesting project in special for 
all the programmers from the Clipper and other xBase dialects that have an 
opportunity to make real 32 / 64 bit applications with the flexibility and 
easiness of xBase syntax.

Example of some functions:

AADD( <aArray>, <xValue> ) --> xValue
ABS( <nExpression> ) –> nPositive
ACHOICE( [<nTop>] ,  [<nLeft>] ,  [<nBottom>] ,  [<nRight>] ,  <acItems> , 
[<aSelectable>],  [<cUserFunc>] ,  [<nFirstItem>] ,  [<nFirstRow>] ) --> 
ACLONE( <aArray> ) –> aClone
#include 'cFile'
#declare cVar  xValue

More examples online (CA-Clipper 5.3): 

Harbour for those who doesn’t know what is: 

Maybe it’s easier to let you know it is an way better extension of 
CA-Clipper (also known as DBase, Flagship, xBase, xHarbour). It is a 
intuitive and powerful language.

Thanks for any help.


Mario Wan Stadnik
Harbour programmer

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