[Geany-Devel] Drop GtkStock and use symbolic icons

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Fri Oct 11 01:08:10 UTC 2013


> >
> > In reality it doesn't matter what we think, or what the GNOME design team
> > thinks, such stuff is extremely subjective and personal and the only apps
> > that need to care about GNOME design manifesto are GNOME applications
> > themselves.
> It not right, you not adds things without any reason.
> In the toolbar there isn't place to text, so use icons with a tooltip
> instead.

There is no reason that you can't have bigger toolbar buttons to fit text
as well.  A new user shouldn't have to search tooltips to find what they

> In button in dialog have a place to text, so not need a icon and a tooltip.

Consistent icons across the UI including dialogs and menus allow choice by
glance without reading the text.  Tooltips should *explain* the action of
the item, if it just repeats the text, ... patches are welcome :-)

> Syntax Highlighting colours is for **highlighting** the code, and the icons
> in the symbols tree is for distinguish between kinds of symbols (yes, is
> not
> matter what is the icons in the symbols tree, it just need to be
> different),
> etc - for each thing in the UI have any reason!

And there are reasons for things outside your use-cases.

> >
> > P.S. As you can tell this subject is extremely controversial outside of
> > GNOME-land (or at least inside of Geany-land), please don't mistake rants
> > for anything personal against your own valid opinions :)
> Before GNOME 3.10 I was used the icons in the buttons and in the menus,
> but I see is realy ugly and not useful.

As Matthew said, UI design is often a personal choice based on the users
particular needs.  You may see things as ugly, and not useful in your
use-case, but another may see it as essential.  Merely repeating your
personal preference as fact does not make it so.


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