[Geany-Devel] I'm thinking I like Geany...

Steven Blatnick steve8track at xxxxx
Sat Mar 9 05:51:46 UTC 2013

Thrawn, Guess what I've been working on :-)

I've got a nearly complete plugin I call "quick-opener" written in C.  I hope you like it.
I'm not terribly knowledgeable at build files, so if anyone wants to help me figure out how to add it to the autogen.sh and make process for geany-plugins, that would be great.  Let me know what I have to do.

Here is the code:

The make script just does the minimum to get it working.  You run it with ./make (it's a bash script).

When I say nearly complete, I mean that you can't configure the plugin yet with directories/files to exclude.  It already excludes hidden directories, certain binary extensions, and starts at the project's working directory.

I haven't made a pull request yet because I don't have the packaging stuff done (documentation, build stuff I need help with).

I hope people enjoy it.



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Another (minor) update to the Snap Open script: the file chooser dialog is now much wider. It's a hack, I'm afraid; it just inserts a long line of tabs into the message text.

As far as I can tell, dialog size isn't configurable in Lua scripts? Even in the dialog module, for more complicated dialogs, I couldn't see anything.


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