[Geany-Devel] Screenshots in user manual

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Sun Mar 3 15:32:02 UTC 2013

Le 03/03/2013 15:42, Enrico Tröger a écrit :
> Hey,
>>>>> If we add a feature that changes the GUI of one of the existing
>>>>> screenshots
>>>>> in the manual, should we make a new screenshot using whatever
>>>>> theme/font/icons/etc that we have or is it better just to leave it
> until
>>>>> release and do them all uniformly at once?
>>>> Will "we" remember?  I won't.
>>> IGRC[1] Enrico usually re-does the screenshots at release time, using
>> As Colomban said, that's the way how it went so far.
>> A year or a bit more ago, we discussed how to proceed with updating
>> screenshots when preparing releases. I don't remember what was the
>> result but the mailing list archives surely will remember.
>> I don't mind to continue updating the screenshots in preparation of a
>> release. But don't take this as I want to stick with the red theme, I'd
>> be also fine with using something more neutrally.
> since we are close to a new release, this topic comes back to my mind.
> AFAIK we still don't have a general resolution on this, do we?
> I'd suggest we use a default installation of one of the major
> distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora) and make the screenshots with
> their default theme (Xfce or Gnome?).

Why not.

> While at it, we could also update the screenshots on the website, which
> are dated from 2010, Geany 0.19 :).

+1 :)

> What do you think?

I'm fine with it, and I can do the screenshots from Debian, or any
distro having a live CD that can run in a VM (or anything actually but
I'd have to install that in a VM first ^^).

I'd personally go for stock Gnome under Debian, but that's only because
I could easily do that (by starting a fresh session and done).  OTOH I
guess distros like Ubuntu or Fedora have a more eye-appealing default
theme, so…

So anyway, I don't care much and can do the shots whatever being the
distro, I just may have to create a VM for them, but it's really not a
big deal.

> (<dreaming>We could even put a Qemu-KVM image of that installation on
> the server so everybody could take the screenshots by downloading and
> starting the image.</dreaming>)

Probably also doable, but may be a little overkill for a few screenshots :)


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