[Geany-Devel] Geany 1.23 Waf install under win32

Dimitar Zhekov dimitar.zhekov at xxxxx
Sun Jun 16 13:11:34 UTC 2013

Matthew Brush <notifications at github.com> wrote:

> @elextr FWIW, the files `makefile.win32` and `win32env.mk` (and geanypy.nsis for the installer and README.win32 for the instructions) are needed for `src/makefile.win32` to be useful.
> @eht16 Any chance you could get some time to try getting the Waf build system working so it can be built on Windows?

Taking cause from Geanypy, there are 2 small problems with $subject:

- no header fiels are installed, or maybe they are copied somewhere
outside the $prefix. Copying the headers manually is OK.

- geany.pc contains paths with single backslashes, and plugins build
fails with "c:path1path2...: no such file or directory". Replacing
with forward slashes works. All other .pc files I've checked under
win32 use forward slashes.

I haven't tried the latest git though.

E-gards: Jimmy

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