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Roger Booth rbooth at xxxxx
Sun Jun 9 13:50:32 UTC 2013

On 06/09/2013 04:48 AM, Frank Lanitz wrote:
> On Sun, 09 Jun 2013 03:54:05 -0700
> Roger Booth <rbooth at kabooth.com> wrote:
>> I assume you are surprised by this. How dare the user of our docs not
>> study to great lengths the implementations of the shit we (and others
>> that have come before us) have produced. Nobody should have the
>> effrontery to attempt to interface our code without spending a
>> sufficient amount of time appreciating the edifice we have erected.
> Please don't be a party-puper. Geany is FLOSS and everybody is welcome
> to improve ... also the documentation. You recognized that the
> documentation might not be clear in all cases. .. yepp. That's true.
> But it's hard to find such things for somebody who knows the code from
> deep inside the heard that Geany-Version -> API-Version -> ABI-Version.
> so no need to document it for them.
> Please take a look at github and improve the parts of documentation.
> Complaining on the mailing list that the whole documentation suckz just
> is making people spending a lot of spare time sad and sending them into
> aggro-mode.
> Would be really happy to see a patch improving that aspect from
> documentation as well as the Plugin-HowTo.
> cheers,
> Frank
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Me? party-puper? Not! :-)

Geany is a great editor - the best I've found since I switched to Linux. 
The documentation is best of class. But I saw there were a few places 
where fixes could be suggested. Because it is FLOSS I did feel that I 
should contribute and I did. I have submitted documentation patches for 
the editor documentation. If my patches are accepted, there will be no 
more "to to"s and no more "Furter"s (at least the instances I caught).

But my last submission of patches left me a bit confused.

I know *git* is a version control thingie. So be it. I don't do version 
control. So my preferred submission method is via patch file. So I 
submitted patches. And got zero feedback.

What should I expect?

If I do this, if I submit patches to, in my opinion, write the best damn 
doc about versions ever written, who reads and edits my tome (not that 
it would ever need editing:).
I edited the text file documenting the main Geany editor and submitted 
the patch file and I haven't heard boo about it since. Maybe I screwed 
it up. OK, tell my what I did wrong and I'll do it over and fix it. 
Maybe you / they don't like the edits I made. OK, lets talk. Why don't 
they like the edits? etc.

Its frustrating to submit changes that just seem to get filed in the 
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