[Geany-Devel] help :go to tag defination

Aravindhan.K aravindlinux01 at xxxxx
Sun Jun 9 03:10:17 UTC 2013

go to defination does not work for non opened files,
(i.e )it only works for workspace tags.
How to make it work for files in global tags.
This is what i have tried,
1)inside ~/geany/src executed following command,
     geany -g -h geany.c.tags *.c *.h
2)loaded tag file.
3)for example ,main.c :890 configuration_load()
right click then goto tag defination
says no defination found.
     I am frustruated,for weeks for finding a IDE which
i am comfortable with,I am finally fit with Geany.
Please help me resolve the problem.
     Is there any plugin supporting gtags and global.?
Aravindhan .K

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