[Geany-Devel] New Lua script available: Multiple clipboard support

Thrawn shell_layer-geany at xxxxx
Sat Jun 1 11:51:52 UTC 2013

Hi, folks.

I've uploaded yet another Lua script :). Actually, a pair of them, one for copying and one for pasting. They allow you to use multiple clipboards. The copy script copies to both the regular clipboard and a disk file; the paste script allows you to browse the clipboard files and paste from any of them.

At present there is no built-in way to clean up files; you need to delete them manually. Perhaps in a future revision. I'm also thinking of reversing the order of the clipboard files when pasting, so that the most recently copied text shows up first.

The files are under 100 lines each, so if anyone wants to port them to GeanyPy, include them in a plugin, etc, it shouldn't be difficult.

You can find the scripts at

All feedback is welcome!


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