[Geany-Devel] GEANY - New behaviour of "close" document action to close only tabs

Thomas Martitz thomas.martitz at student.htw-berlin.de
Tue Jan 22 09:39:51 UTC 2013

Am 22.01.2013 09:15, schrieb Thomas Young:
> Hi all,
> > One thing that's different from Geany from other IDEs I've used is that
> > it doesn't have "files in the project" but rather just stores "where 
> are
> > the project's files" (ie. base path).
> Right.
> Speaking for myself, and the build setup I'm working with right now, 
> this actually suits me very well.
> Essentially, the set of files for a 'project' for me is defined as 
> 'all the source files under a specified root directory'.
> And this then fits in well with the way Geany works, because I can add 
> new source files just by creating files, or copying and renaming 
> existing files, and so on, without any additional 'add to project' 
> action required.
> (And from various posts I've seen, I have a feeling that quite a lot 
> of people have some kind of similar project setup now.)
> One thing that _doesn't_ fit in so well with the geany (core) paradigm 
> is the 'go to tag definition' feature (which is included in Geany core).
> I have a build setup on Windows, also, with MSVC, and for comparison 
> in that case I actually need to run a script to update visual studio 
> project files after adding a new object, and depend on visual studio 
> detecting this and offering to reload the project.
> But then, after it reloads the project file, it then knows about all 
> of the relevant source code and can do this properly (if you give it a 
> bit of time to update it's source code indexing in the background).
> In Geany, however, in order for the 'go to tag definition' feature to 
> work you actually need to make sure you have the source code file that 
> defines the tag loaded.
> So, for this to actually be useful in the general case, you _do_ 
> actually need to have your whole set of project files loaded.

The gproject/geanyprj plugins allow generate tag files based on the 
project files (as in project files, not session files) so that go-to-tag 
works without having the files open.

> So, this is actually completely inconsistent with the whole simple 
> 'list of open files is a session and there is no list of files in 
> project' paradigm being discussed, I think, and is then also confusing 
> and misleading for people starting to use Geany, as well as 
> complicating the core source code and dependencies.
> So, I suggest that this whole 'tag' based code analysis thing should 
> actually be _removed_ from Geany core (and perhaps moved into one of 
> the project management plugins)!

The confusion comes from Geany (mis-)using the term project when it 
actually means session. I understand that this is very confusing for 

Best regards.

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