[Geany-Devel] Querying current file and cursor location

Thomas Young thomasyoung at free.fr
Thu Jan 17 13:17:47 UTC 2013


I've hacked a small change into Geany locally, to help with integration 
with gdb.

Basically, what I've done is to add a '--print-location' command line 
option, which essentially just duplicates the functionality of the 
existing '--list-documents' option (through main.c/h and socket.c/h), 
but with the actual string generation bit that corresponds to 
build_document_list() changed to the following:

static gchar *build_location(void)
	GString *location = g_string_new(NULL);
	const gchar *filename;
	gint pos, line, col;

	GeanyDocument *doc = document_get_current();
		filename = DOC_FILENAME(doc);
		pos = sci_get_current_position(doc->editor->sci);
		line = sci_get_line_from_position(doc->editor->sci, pos);
		col = sci_get_col_from_position(doc->editor->sci, pos);
		g_string_append_printf(location, "%s:%d:%d", filename, line + 1, col);
		g_string_append_c(location, '\n');
	return g_string_free(location, FALSE);

So what the overall change does then is basically to allow you to query 
for the currently selected file, and current cursor location within that 
file, from outside of geany, like so:

thomas at MS-7752 ~ $ geany --print-location

I can then use this in a python command within gdb (running completely 
separately within a terminal) to set break points for positions selected 
in files in Geany within having to actually type the whole filename and 
line number bit each time.

This was based on the nightly build for January 17th, and seems to be 
working correctly.

Should I submit a patch for this change?
If so, how?
(Not used to this whole open source malarky!)

I got the nightly build archive instead of using git, but I have copies 
of the source archive both before and after the change.

Is it possible for this change (or something similar) to be included in 
the Geany mainline?

Best regards,


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