[Geany-Devel] New Plugin: geanydiff

Thrawn shell_layer-geany at yahoo.com.au
Mon Jan 7 05:42:33 UTC 2013

Hi, Marcelo.

> I've been developing a plugin [1] which I find useful (it is also
> featured in the wishlist page) and I hope to see it in the
> geany-plugins project.

Great minds think alike! Just last month I wrote a Lua script to do almost exactly the same thing. I've uploaded it to https://wiki.geany.org/config/scripts/lua if you're interested in reading through it.

I see that you've used a configuration file to allow selection or customisation of the diff command used. Clever :). You might also want to include kdiff3 and tkdiff in the list of stock commands.

I chose to use the unsaved version of the file for comparisons, regardless of whether comparing to itself or another version. I guess it's a matter of preference (maybe something to add to your config file?). However, doing it my way, if you did want to compare to the latest saved version, you could always swap to the other file and compare from there. Doing it your way, there just isn't any way of comparing the unsaved changes to another file.

Thanks for working on this! The Compare plugin is one of the two Notepad++ features that I've really missed (with the other being support for binary files).


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