[Geany-Devel] Don't pop-up messages/steal focus when in terminal

Thomas Martitz thomas.martitz at xxxxx
Thu Apr 18 12:16:34 UTC 2013

Am 17.04.2013 16:49, schrieb Steven Blatnick:
> I've always thought the dialogs should be embedded anyway, which 
> doesn't steal focus.  What I mean is like gedit does, where at the top 
> of the document a box appears before line 1 and says "This file has 
> been modified".  Then, people wouldn't have to press it until they 
> wanted to since it would be associated with the document directly.
> Thanks,

You will find many people on this list that agree with you (including 
me). We've had proposals and even a prototype implementation (IIRC) for 
this but nothing ended up in Geany mainline. But your use case is a 
strong argument in favor of this. I too find the popup highly annoying.

Best regards.
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