[Geany-Devel] Paste does not work on OSX (git master)

Moja mojadev at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 17:19:11 UTC 2012


sorry if this is a known issue, I couldn't find anything in the mailing list or bugtracker.

I'd like to use Geany for development, but the Macports/Brew versions are very old (v0.21 in macports) and the plugins don't work with those versions. So I've set up all the dependencies and succesfully compiled geany (and the plugins, after some minor compat changes in the sourcecode) and everything seems to run fine, except pasting text (with is a bit of a showstopper…). Copy/Cut, etc work fine and I'm able to cut text from geany and paste it into external editors, but geany seems to ignore pasting (from command line and menu).

I tracked the issue down in the sourcecode and it seems to be scintilla related (although using the newest  scintilla version (git master) didn't solve the issue), but unfortunately my GTK knowledge is very limited.

in ScintillaGTK.cxx the Paste() function is being called and the gtk documentation tells me that he 'selection_received' signal now should be fired, leading to ScintillaGTK::SelectionReceived being called, but this is not being called.

With the macports installation, paste seems to work - any hints on what causes this or how to debug it further ?


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