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Roger Booth rbooth at kabooth.com
Thu Oct 25 07:16:04 UTC 2012

I have built Geany from git. Help / About says Geany 1.23 (git >= 8855c14)
     btw, would be nice if I was able to select / copy / paste the Geany 

The first reason I wanted to join the developers group was to fix tab 
expansion for printed output. I was pleasantly surprised to find it has 
already been fixed. Thanks! As an added bonus, choosing to print a range 
of pages (e.g, 2-4) seems now to work! Great stuff!

But I have noticed a few minor issues with the new implementation.

  * The vertical line which is intended to be drawn immediately to the
    right of line numbers is drawn in the wrong location, only on the
    hard copy version.
      o For example, on the hard copy, on line 123, the line is drawn
        between the 2 and the 3
  * The vertical line doesn't extend the same length on different output
    choices (print preview, print to file, print to hard copy)
  * Print preview displays a different number of lines per page than
    print to hard copy (print to pdf matches print preview)

Since I am testing a development version, and not a released version, I 
am unsure how to proceed. Should I submit bug reports on issues I find, 
such as these?
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