[Geany-Devel] Proposal from the Mint distro

Lex Trotman elextr at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 02:36:07 UTC 2012

Hi All,

So our conclusion is that some seem to think it would be a good idea, but
no-one has come forward and said "Ok, I will fork it on Github and lead the
development of the simplifyable version, anyone wanting to help contact me".

So does this mean the answer for Mint is sorry we are unable to produce the
simplified version ourselves, but are of course always willing to discuss
it with anyone who does and to consider pull requests?


On 22 October 2012 19:51, Thomas Martitz <
thomas.martitz at student.htw-berlin.de> wrote:

> Am 21.10.2012 22:52, schrieb Matthew Brush:
>  On 12-10-21 01:13 PM, Colomban Wendling wrote:
>>> Le 21/10/2012 21:52, Matthew Brush a écrit :
>>>> [...]
>>>> But that doesn't mean we couldn't extend which widgets can be hidden via
>>>> the config file by adding more keys to it. I like this way the best
>>>> because I can also use it for the (future) Mac bundle (it already has a
>>>> customized geany.conf in the bundle to change some defaults).
>>> (OT, but should really a Geany MacOS port hide some stuff??? Changing
>>> the default keybindings to be more MacOS-ish may indeed be sensible, but
>>> changing Geany?)
>> (There's more stuff, like using the correct fonts, commands, etc. Also,
>> Apple thinks its users are idiots and so most programs seem to come with
>> very simplified defaults, and lacking a decent text editor, a simplified
>> Geany would be very useful for general text editing, further, it's nearly
>> impossible to do development on OSX without having XCode and so having
>> another "full featured" IDE is less useful. That being said, I don't want a
>> "different Geany", just to change the defaults so that you have to
>> explicitly enable "advanced" features/widgets to make it more "Mac-like" by
>> default.)
> I disagree with that. Not all MAC users are idiots, and were not here to
> make them even more dumb (or to classify them as dumb). If Apple does so
> that's fine for them but we don't have to follow suit.
> If you want to provide a text editor (with a simplified UI, like the Mint
> guys) then that's another beast and you can most probably re-use the
> modifications done for Mint. But if you want to provide an IDE then provide
> an IDE (as powerful as possible) without going into classifying users of a
> certain OS as idiots (and thus dumbing down the IDE).
> Best regards.
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