[Geany-devel] geany-plugins tests failures

Alexander Petukhov devel at xxxxx
Sun Mar 25 18:44:25 UTC 2012

25.03.2012 21:51, Quentin Glidic пишет:
> On 25/03/2012 19:40, Matthew Brush wrote:
>> It almost sounds like it can't see the C files compiled by Valac. Is
>> there C files in `multiterm/src/`?
> Nothing. This plugin is disabled. If you think it should run cppcheck on
> Vala generated code (I’m not sure it’s worth it), at least it shouldn’t
> when it’s disabled.
> For the debugger one, I’d guess it’s a new feature added in cppcheck and
> not released yet.

actually that is causing warnings:

const  char  *gdb_commands[]  =  {  g_strdup_printf("-stack-list-arguments 0 %i %i",  active_frame,  active_frame),  "-stack-list-locals 0"  };

"Return value of allocation function g_strdup_printf is not used."
heh, how dows it know? :)
it's definately used later in the code, but np, I'll fix to avoid warnings, as soon as I open new pool request.


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