[Geany-devel] Default keybinding for Zoom In

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Mon Mar 19 02:33:30 UTC 2012

Le 19/03/2012 03:06, Matthew Brush a écrit :
> Hi,
> It's always bothered me that Geany uses the "wrong" keybinding for Zoom
> In, but I'm starting to think it's completely on accident. The normal
> keybinding for Zoom In on most applications is Control and Equal (same
> key as plus symbol). If you look at the default keybinding for Zoom In,
> it says <Control>plus, which sounds right, but it should really say
> <Control><Shift>plus, since you have to press Shift to get the plus
> symbol. The correct default keybinding for Zoom In should be
> <Control>equal, if it's to be like the vast majority of other software
> that supports zooming.
> Is anybody opposed to me correcting this?

I don't ack.  IMHO, <ctl>+ is the right keybinding and the fact some
apps handle <ctl>= just like <ctl>+ is only a facility and/or a
compatibility thing maybe.  E.g., Firefox simply accepts <ctl>+ or
<ctl>= interchangeably, but I never actually used <ctl>= since I didn't
though it even worked.

Also, I don't think that speaking of <ctl><shift>+ is right, because the
fact + is available through <shift> on qwerty/azerty keyboards should
not matter to the app or even the user.  If typing <ctl>+ requires using
shift, fair enough.  If it doesn't that's fine.

Moreover, how would then be handled the keypad keys?  Currently they we
simply map them to the "normal" keys, eg "KP_plus" is the same as
"plus".  With your proposal, how would you use the keypad to zoom
in/out?  I guess you couldn't since there isn't an equal sign on the keypad.
Ah, and that's also against the <ctl><shift>+ representation since
there's no shift to access + on the keypad.

So you probably got it: I don't think it's a good idea.  BTW, for the
record, what are the applications using the "normal" keybinding you'd
like to see (^=)?

A few I have under the hand:
 * Mozilla products allows both
 * gnome-terminal only accepts <ctl>+ (no kp support)


> P.S. I'm only talking about US-like keyboards here, since that's all
> I've ever used.
> Cheers,
> Matthew Brush
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