[Geany-devel] C++ Symbols problem

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Fri Mar 16 10:30:09 UTC 2012

Hi All,

So that I don't look unreasonable for criticising just Geany I
investigated what many other IDEs do with the same source, basically
working my way through the wikipedia C++ IDEs list (at least the open
ones we might, erm, share code from, and that would run on my machine
without changes to its configuration).

The results are sumarised below:

Anjuta, symbols pane wrong - repeated members on both problems<true>
and problems<false>, autocomplete failed, none offered

Code::Blocks and Codelite both failed to install due to wxWidgets
dependency problems.

Eclipse CDT, symbols pane CORRECT, autocomplete works but ignores
private/public access restrictions (minor issue)

Emacs, no symbol pane, autocomplete saw second definition only, change
order and change the offered autocomplete.

Geany, symbols pane cycles members as previously described, autocomplete-ly crap

Gnat programming Studio, symbols pane didn't work, autocomplete didn't
work, program was so slow it was unusable so test was cut short

Kdevelop could not install because I wouldn't let it install most of
KDE as well :(

Monodevelop, symbols pane didn't work at all, autocomplete didn't work
at all (help didn't work so I couldn't figure out why)

Netbeans, symbols pane CORRECT, autocomplete CORRECT including
adhering to private/public access restrictions.

Qt creator installed and ran but would not create even a plain C++
project without full qt install >1GB which I won't do :(

And Matthew kindly tried xcode for me, symbols pane correct,
autocomplete did not work

Unfortunately that leaves Geany as the worst of those that worked at all :(

In fact it would even be better if . and -> autocomplete was turned
off for C++ rather than offering complete crap (and that isn't related
to this particular file unfortunately).

As my brain is now drained from all those, I leave it to someone else
to suggest some idea of a path forward.


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