[Geany-devel] Usage of plugin_help()

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Sun Mar 11 23:24:22 UTC 2012

>>> Question is, what do we really want to have behind that function?
>> The delivery format is less important than actually providing help.
> I guess that's set. But how would such a thing look like?

Well, since you are trying to get GP plugins to provide a ReST
formatted readme why not make it a recommendation for a ReST formatted
help which the GP build script can turn into an installed html file.
So the plugin_help() just needs to call utils_open_browser().

Use the same css as Geany's manual and get a consistent look and feel.

As to content, first guess recommended layout:

How to use
What it does, menu items, keybindings


How to configure

The last is only needed if there is configuration beyond the
preferences settings.


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