[Geany-devel] Markers

Alexander Petukhov devel at xxxxx
Sun Mar 11 06:16:12 UTC 2012

> So all we need is the initialisation, and probably a common search
> routine for the convenience of plugins (although that isn't absolutely
> needed).  The smaller the patch the more likely someone has time to
> test it and commit it.
I would vote for having utility functions that manages a list of 
available markers
instead of letting plugins manually find those that are marked with 

I can imagine a situation when some plugin set its markers for several 
documents but didn't do it for others,
so when another plugin tries to set it's own markers it came to that 
markers idenifiers for the same markers are different in different 
documents that means it's another job to keep track of it.

having such functions as utils_ui_get_marker(), utils_ui_free_marker() 
seems more clear and robust.


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