[Geany-devel] Usage of plugin_help()

WILLIAM FRASER william.fraser at xxxxx
Thu Mar 8 21:26:50 UTC 2012

Well... which means its not really defined what the user will expectonce he
push the button. Therefore we do have at least 2.5 major behaviors:- Geany
is calling a browser and opening a webpage with info (spellcheck plugin)
- Its opening a message window with
       * a short info about plugin (e.g. geanyLaTeX)
       * a long help text about plugin (e.g. geanymacro)
Question is, what do we really want to have behind that function?

I think that a full help text is the best (but having written geanymacro
you could argue I'm a bit biased). The reason is, that I think that a user
should not have to get the source, and look at the readme file to know what
a plugin does, or what the options mean. It is much more convenient for the
user to have it there when they press the help button for that plugin.

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