[Geany-devel] About a new application icon.

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Sat Jul 28 17:06:18 UTC 2012


I personally have no opposition to changing the icon, although I'm not 
sure I like that burgundy colour of the ball very much. I actually 
rather liked the old icon as well, but I'm aware that my taste often 
differs from most.

P.S. It might be worthwhile to send this also to the "geany-users" 
mailing list too since AFAIK there's some web developers/designers and 
such there that would likely have some interesting opinions of and 
modifications to your icon(s). Just a thought.

Matthew Brush

On 12-07-28 06:30 AM, Emanuel Palm wrote:
> Hey guys!
> I guess I'm not entirely adapted to how things are done in the open
> source world. I made a pull request at github, when I should have sent
> you all an e-mail here first. So, here is the text I wrote there with a
> couple of adjustments:
> /So, I've been exploring Geany a bit for a little while now, and I must
> say I enjoy the IDE quite a lot. It took me, however, a couple of tries
> before I finally gave it a real chance. The reason, to be very frank, is
> because the application icon gave me the impression that the program has
> a made-at-home-hack rather than a substantial IDE suited for all kinds
> of programming situations, which I discovered it is. So, I took the
> liberty of making a new Geany icon in Inkscape, made a fork and sent a
> pull request./
> /The idea of this pull request is not necessarily for the community to
> merge it with no second thoughts, which I don't believe is going to
> happen. Rather, I would like to start a discussion on the role of the
> application icon. If, after the discussion, people are happy to use the
> icon, I'll gladly let the community use it at leisure. If this
> discussion leads to the community switching to another icon, then at
> least the community saw the validity of my point. If this leads to the
> original icon not being replaced, then at least there was a
> consideration being made./
> /So, as a discussion starter, I'm here listing the roles and priorities
> I believe the application icon should fulfill:/
> /*1. To single out the application from the crowd.*/
> /The lamp and the name 'Geany' fulfill this role very well. I guess its
> some kind of pun referring to rubbing the magic lamp and using the genie
> popping out to fulfill your programming ambitions. Its a simple and
> distinguishable symbol./
> */2. To communicate the ambition that has been, and is being put into
> the software./*
> /I don't believe there is any one programmer who wants to use software
> that is dying or lacks a community or company continually backing it up.
> By labeling a piece of software with an icon/logo which looks solid,
> professional, and artistic communicates that there is enthusiasm behind
> it. Take the Mozilla Firefox logo, as a noticeable example. Its elegant,
> artistic and simple./
> /As of today most professional looking icons/logos are based on simple
> curves and/or shapes to make them explicit and harmonious. They use few,
> but carefully chosen, colors. The Geany icon as of today fulfills the
> color requirement, but lacks elegance in it's shapes and lines. My
> suggestion as a substitute reuses the colors of the original icon, with
> some slight adjustments, but strips down the lamp into more basic shapes
> and lines./
> */3. To communicate the purpose of the application./*
> /The Geany icon of today fulfills this purpose very poorly, but so does
> a lot of other icons as well. Look at some examples with, in my opinion,
> well designed logos: Google Chrome (a ball with colors?), NetBeans (a
> cube?), FileZilla (a stamp?). The role of the icon/logo is only relevant
> as long as the user has no knowledge of the application, which is why I
> put it as the third priority/role./
> So, that's what I wrote. And in order to be able to have something to
> talk about, I've added the .svg files I've made as an attachment. The
> first version already got shot down by elextr, so there is a second
> version here too. Somehow the second one makes me think of Disney, but I
> guess that's no problem. I'm not sure about the colors and the brackets
> visible in the second version, and should there be a disc in the
> background? All suggestions are helpful.
> If you are interested to have that much of a party, it would be fun if
> people started to fire up Inkscape themselves and fiddle with what I
> made, or conjure up things on their own.
> Regards,
> Emanuel Palm
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