[Geany-devel] Third party plugin publish and third party library bundle problem

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Tue Jul 10 05:50:16 UTC 2012

On 12-07-06 10:39 PM, Hong Xu wrote:
> Hi,
> I have developed the EditorConfig plugin for Geany
> <https://github.com/editorconfig/editorconfig-geany>.
> """
> EditorConfig helps developers define and maintain consistent coding
> styles between different editors and IDEs. The EditorConfig project
> consists of *a file format* for defining coding styles and a collection
> of *text editor plugins* that enable editors to read the file format and
> adhere to defined styles. EditorConfig files are easily readibly and
> they work nicely with version control systems. Website here
> <http://editorconfig.org>
> """
> However, I am confused how to publish this plugin.
> First, http://plugins.geany.org is a place for plugin list. But are the
> third party plugins allowed here? All the pages seem working for the
> plugins here: <https://github.com/geany/geany-plugins> including the
> download page, installation page.
> Whatever the answer is, can I put my plugin in
> <https://github.com/geany/geany-plugins> ? This repository seems better
> maintained than mine.

I would assume it's OK, but you'll need to "be approved" by the 
Geany-Plugins maintainer. Usually if you have a useful plugin that's 
well coded enough, you just ask like you did and work with the 
maintainer and other devs to integrate the plugin. You happen to have 
asked right as the maintainer and other devs are preparing for a majour 
release, so it kind of explains the silence to your question.

> The second problem is that, how should I bundle a third party C library
> with my plugin?

If the library is readily available on the target platforms, you depend 
on it using the build system and link it in (many plugins do this). If 
it's really obscure or not packaged anywhere then you could just compile 
its sources into your plugins'. The latter is what the Devhelp plugin 
does for libdevhelp since it's not packaged for GTK+2 anymore on the 
target platforms, but it's still quite a stupid thing to do.

P.S. If you don't get any further with adding your plugin to the 
project, wait until you see the release announcement for Geany-Plugins 
here then you will know when people will be freed up more to help you.

Matthew Brush

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