[Geany-devel] More Per-Project Configuration Options

Matthew Brush mbrush at xxxxx
Tue Jul 10 05:37:02 UTC 2012

On 12-07-09 04:57 PM, Braden Walters wrote:
> Hi. I noticed a problem that affected me back in 0.2x that thankfully is
> (mostly) solved in 1.22. When I say mostly, I mean it fixes how the
> problem affects me right now, but possibly not for others, and I feel
> this may also affect me again eventually. The problem I noticed is that
> not all configuration options that may change from project-to-project
> are actually settings you can change on a per-project basis. The options
> that concern me the most are those that deal with the format of the
> saved file (line ending characters, new line at end of file (fixed in
> 1.22), tabs/spaces (not a problem), file encoding). I'm interested in
> the developers' opinions on this.
> Someone in IRC also mentioned that if many more options become
> configurable per-project, the global application options might be
> rendered useless (as project settings will override everything). Perhaps
> this could be solved by having a way to reset individual project options
> (perhaps a list of all things that have been changed, and a "Reset to
> Global" button to reset that individual item so it does not appear in
> that project's file).
> I'm curious what the core developers' opinion is on this. If it sounds
> good, I'd definitely be interested in helping make it possible (although
> I don't know the Geany code base, I could learn my way around relevant
> parts).


What about just adding new settings to the project config file without 
messing with the UI? Those who need them can RTM and see what settings 
are available, those who are content with what exists currently can go 
on happily ever after. You can add as many project preferences as you 
care to code and document this way.

If a user sets something in the project config file, it overrides the 
global config file when that project is open, end of story, no UI tricks 
needed to tell her this, it's "just how it is" (documented).

The other way(s) discussed seem like they would Eclipse the UI's usability.

My $0.02

Matthew Brush

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