[Geany-devel] Request: multithreaded tag generation?

Harold Aling geany at xxxxx
Wed Jul 4 10:10:26 UTC 2012

On Mon, May 7, 2012 at 7:09 PM, Nick Treleaven
<nick.treleaven at btinternet.com> wrote:
> On 07/11/2011 15:35, Harold Aling wrote:
>> I recently switched from GeanyPRJ to Gproject. Since Gproject doesn't
>> support multiple open projects I have to switch between projects, but
>> it takes up to 4 minutes to close one project and open another. A
>> project consists of roughly 1000-2000 php-related files.
>> The "Generate tags for all project files" causes this massive delay,
>> but I really need that feature.
>> At work I have a 2-core CPU, where 1 is completely idle and on my
>> desktop at home there are 5 cores are doing nothing while generating
>> tags. Can't they be utilized to speed up the tag generation?
> As a workaround I wonder if the plugin could generate a temporary global
> tags file (with geany -g). This would be a separate thread. Then tell Geany
> to load the tags file - this is faster in Geany Git as it avoids resorting
> all global tags. We would need to add a way to remove global tags though,
> but this is probably straightforward.
> Nick

I just tried another workaround: I moved all my multisite projects
into ~/checkout and only made symlinks for all projects I'm currently
working on to prevent huge codebases. Just like sites-available and
sites-enabled in Apache configuration ...

$ cat /var/www/drupal7/D7.geany | grep base_path

$ ls -la /var/www/drupal7/sites/ | grep example
lrwxrwxrwx  1 harold harold   27 Jul  2 15:34 example ->

... only to discover that GProject doesn't follow symlinks :(


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