[Geany-devel] Some obsolete(?) bug reports

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Sun Feb 19 00:06:49 UTC 2012

>> I just taught the file mangler to run geany -c so it never interrupts
>> what a normal Geany is doing :)
> I don't think that's something everybody should need to do.

Yes, true.

> I personally do think what we do is definitely the Wrong Thing.
> Honestly, I always have found this behavior very counter-intuitive and
> not helpful.  I mean, if I tell Geany to restore my session, I expect it
> to be restored whenever I start Geany, not only in some cases.

Looking at it like that, then the current behaviour is wrong.

I also checked a few other apps and all restore past sessions and add
the new file to it, so I would say this is the behaviour a user would

> OK, for me it's not a real problem since I always have one or more Geany
> instance open, but remembering the early times I did unexpectedly lost
> some session data because of this behavior.
> To summarize, I think that the current behavior will most likely NOT be
> the expected one and will disturb most users.  See, even us do
> workaround that in some ways, either using -c or having an instance
> always open.

Or both, so I *never* saw it as a problem :)

> So I'd say "aye" to Dimitar since he gently volunteered :)  Moreover if
> it is a preference I don't see any loss; but I'd better see this
> preference turned on by default for new configurations if the restore
> session one is on.

Colomban has been so persuasive that I don't even think it needs
another option, the suggested behaviour is non-destructive, so why not
just turn restoring sessions on or off.


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