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Sun Feb 5 19:25:14 UTC 2012

Hey guys,

Le 05/02/2012 01:47, Lex Trotman a écrit :
> Hi Colomban,
> RE your discussion on IRC about $subject
> To save you searching, some info about g_spawn not working (right) on
> windows, and that it won't be fixed:
> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.editors.geany.devel/583
> and it appears that it was always recognised that splitting on space
> wasn't an elegant way of generating argv for windows, and the problems
> that causes for filenames containing spaces, but nobody has been
> concerned enough to fix it :) see:
> http://lists.uvena.de/geany/2007-November/002082.html
> There is no discussion on why windows commands were used in the first
> place, but given the first reference above I guess it might still not
> be possible to avoid it.

Well, ok, thanks for the links.  Actually my concern wasn't much the
fact we don't use g_spawn* (though using them would've most likely
addressed them) -- though of course it'd be good to have async spawn on
Windows too.
My concern was that the code we have (the one who calls CreateProcessW()
& stuff) looked to me like it mishandled non-ASCII filenames -- and
maybe even spaces.

So hum, huh... I haven't tested everything -- far from it -- but I still
ended up with some changes, details ahead.

First, I've already pushed a few quite innocent things: [1] (code
beauty), and [2] who helps to see WTF happened if creating run script

Then, I have a few other changes, in the wip/windows-spawn-fixes of my
GitHub fork: https://github.com/b4n/geany/commits/wip/windows-spawn-fixes
The three last commits are relevant:

* da5480f68eba50308993820afb64ec1f8c4a175a - Fix
win32_expand_environment_variables() and calling code encoding usage:

I think this one if fine, and actually fixes a few encoding
misconversions in the spawn code.  The only thing I know that may be
wrong is that I removed the SearchPath() call (who at least should've
been SearchPathW()) because AFAICT from the MSDN docs, CreateProcessW()
already does the job for us (even better than we did).  If we have
something to do then it'd be NOT to search the path if we ain't got the
G_SPAWN_SEARCH_PATH flag, though it's probably not much of an issue.
The only problem I see is maybe the quoting of the arguments, but it's a
mess already and shouldn't be worst with this change.

* 694087248edeb414e5ca12452e1a2bd40e0dc62f - Write
geany_run_script.{sh,bat} in system locale encoding:

The commit message of this one almost says it all, but maybe it's not
that good actually.  I thing it is just fine, because I think the shell
won't ever do magic for us -- and Windows's cmd.exe certainly doesn't --
so it's better to give it locale-encoded data.  On most Linux boxes it
wouldn't change anything since almost all use UTF8 nowadays, but maybe
it'd even fix some problem on e.g. Linux with ISO-8859-* locale.
But again, I'm not 100% sure it's right/the best fix.

* fec4c4730df3b9104f05616e7350368d4719f205 - On windows, set the cmd.exe
codepage to the system locale:

Last but not least, something huh... let's say it works for me.  The
commit explains it, it adds a "chcp" call on top of
geany_run_script.bat, passing it the system locale.  The goal is to make
cmd.exe understand the special characters in the script (of course it
doesn't allow Unicode data @#!), so set it to use the local CP,
hopefully the one we converted the script to (see previous commit).

This made my Windows XP VM box succeed at running scripts/programs named
like "éç ßw", but not "éç ß↓" since the "↓" isn't available in
Windows1252 [3].

So.  The gain is that with these changes we can run programs with a
limited set of special characters in their filename, which wasn't
possible before, and the rest should work still the same.   I haven't
(yet?) tested spawning a build command with special chars in it, but it
should probably work -- but maybe better do some tests.

I'm bored with that Windows stuff for now, so /pause.  However, if
anybody with (or without) Windows knowledge could test (Nick?), comment
or whatever, it'd be awesome :)

Finally, take note I tested all this *ONLY* on Window XP Professional, I
don't have any 2k/Vista/7/whatever box at hand, and I have no idea what
works where.

OK, I'll stop for now, send the mail and take a rest about Windows
stuff.  Have fun ;)



[3] though maybe it's a bad example if it isn't in the UTF-16 range,
don't know

> Cheers
> Lex
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