[Geany-Devel] Document Message/File Monitoring Behaviour (was Re: Bug: Conflicting Keyboard shortcut in "reload file" dialog - ID: 3587465)

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at herbesfolles.org
Mon Dec 3 14:18:16 UTC 2012

Le 03/12/2012 14:35, Nick Treleaven a écrit :
> On 01/12/2012 06:16, Matthew Brush wrote:
>> On 12-11-30 09:10 PM, Matthew Brush wrote:
>>> Hi again,
>>> Attached is a mockup of roughly what I was thinking made in 5 minutes on
>>> some website, except I couldn't figure out how to make a warning icon
>>> for the infobar and tab label.
>> I also made a mockup for "deleted/moved on disk" infobar. I'll put a
>> link to avoid spamming the list:
> Thanks for doing the mockups. Infobars probably would be better than the
> status quo, but I think both of the mockups are too complicated. There
> are too many options IMO.
> I'm not sure if 'Close all externally modified files' is worth having
> and is a safe workflow, certainly it shouldn't include modified documents.

Agreed.  I'm not sure it's useful, at least as-is.  If we have "close
all others", why not "reload all others"?  And I'm really not sure it
makes sense to suppose that one wants to perform the same action on all
files matching the "externally modified" criteria.

> I don't think we need a Close button. Closing the document can be done
> in the normal way. Or were you planning on disabling normal closing?
> That would complicate the UI code.

IIUC, the idea was that closing the document "the normal way" would ask
again if the user didn't make a choice yet.  And although it might
indeed look duplicate, I think it's important to make it a clearly
visible option as an answer to the question.  It being a button or
something else I don't have an opinion yet.

>> Mockup for "document changed on disk":
>> http://codebrainz.ca/images/infobar-mockup.png
>> Mockup for "document deleted (or moved) on disk":
>> http://codebrainz.ca/images/infobar-mockup-deleted.png
> I'm not sure that 'Save as' is needed, the user can use 'File->Save As'
> if needed. (Resave is a good option though).

Agreed.  Or simply have only "save" (or similar) that triggers a
pre-filled save as dialog, so one could just hit "save" in it to save
under the same name.  This would (IMO) fill both use-cases of save and
save as, and having to agree on the file name on such a case doesn't
look like a big issue to me.

Also, as I discussed a bit on IRC (without much success though :D), I'm
not completely sure if the "dismiss" button (we agreed this probably
wasn't the best name for it BTW) is useful: I personally don't really
see why somebody would like to hide the warning while not making a
decision on what to do with the file.
Though, that's no big deal.


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