[Geany-devel] tagmanager changes

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Wed Apr 25 02:30:05 UTC 2012

>> Also, later in the thread he says that performance problems with
>> resorting global and workspace tags cannot be fixed with the design of
>> tagmanager. I've been working yesterday on improving this significantly
>> by merging the new tags each time instead of resorting *all* the tags. I
>> hope to commit this in the next few days.
> Cool!  I haven't done any profiling on either tagmanager or may new
> attempt, so I can't tell what's actually slow, but any improvement is
> good to have :)

Coo, have I accidentally ignited a competition between Nick fixing
tagmanager and Colomban's potential replacement? :)

Didn't mean to, but if we get to pick the best, great :)


> Regards,
> Colomban
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