[Geany-devel] Development of code re-formatting plugin

Colomban Wendling lists.ban at xxxxx
Mon Apr 9 23:05:23 UTC 2012


Le 09/04/2012 12:41, Lex Trotman a écrit :
> On 9 April 2012 20:08, Nayan Shah <nayan at nayanshah.com> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am planning to develop a code re-formatting plugin for geany. I want it to
>> be more on the lines of Notepad++'s C++ re-indent plugin which is pretty
>> awesome.

I don't know Notepad++, but I started a indenter plugin awhile ago, I'll
try to check where it is and make the source available if it can be
useful.  I should also finish it, but...

>> The feature could be something like : user selects bunch of text and clicks
>> beautify or maybe it works on the whole file by default.
>> Astyle <http://astyle.sourceforge.net/> is a small automatic formatter and
>> released under LGPL. It is pretty small with loads of options. and supports
>> C, C++, Java code.
>> Can it be used for development of the plugin ?
>> Any feedback / comments would be appreciated.
> Yes you could make a plugin to run astyle, but it would probably be
> easier to just use it as a custom command, see
> http://www.geany.org/manual/current/index.html#sending-text-through-custom-commands

Unfortunately astyle does crazy stuff (like seeking back and forth) with
its input, making impossible to pipe data to it (actually it'll work
until the data size exceeds the OS's IO buffer size IIRC, but if it
exceeds that size astyle will just hang indefinitely).  Calling that
executable requires a real file then.  The plugin I talked about
previously has an astyle backend too, but it writes a temp file for the
very reason above.

So yes, AStyle can be used, but no, you can't pipe it data so it can't
be used with custom commands.   However, GNUIndent can.


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