[Geany-devel] Breaks not fixes : SF.net SVN: geany:[5971] trunk/src/socket.c

Lex Trotman elextr at xxxxx
Fri Sep 30 01:32:19 UTC 2011

Modified: trunk/src/socket.c
--- trunk/src/socket.c  2011-09-29 17:16:58 UTC (rev 5970)
+++ trunk/src/socket.c  2011-09-29 17:49:42 UTC (rev 5971)
@@ -588,7 +588,7 @@
       gint fd, sock;
       gchar buf[BUFFER_LENGTH];
       struct sockaddr_in caddr;
-       guint caddr_len = sizeof(caddr);
+       gint caddr_len = sizeof(caddr);
       GtkWidget *window = data;
       gboolean popup = FALSE;

Hi Nick,

This causes a warning on the call to accept() on Linux.

  CC     socket.o
socket.c: In function ‘socket_lock_input_cb’:
socket.c:596: warning: pointer targets in passing argument 3 of
‘accept’ differ in signedness
/usr/include/sys/socket.h:214: note: expected ‘socklen_t *
__restrict__’ but argument is of type ‘gint *’

caddr_len s/b a socklen_t not a ganything, that works here.

Hopefully on your system it will be able to be assigned from sizeof
without a warning.

Looks like your crappy windows system :) has sizeof signed, but on
most Linux systems its unsigned.

If socklen_t doesn't match sizeof then special windows handling is
going to be needed.


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