[Geany-devel] New Feature(plugin OR geany self)

Jacques du Rand jacquesdr at xxxxx
Thu Sep 29 07:57:35 UTC 2011

True true :P Was hoping to keep it as a surprise :D
Okey here  it goes: (Keep in mind English is not my first language and
I might  not paint the perfect mental picture) :P

Feature Name:Heated Tabs
Problem: By 2pm everyday I have about 10-25 different files open in my
I'm constantly jumping around between these files depending on what
problem/section/module/type-of-work I'm CURRENTLY busy with.
So i spend a fair amount of time 'searching' for the file i need o work with
BUT at any snapshot of time I'm only REALLY accessing 2-4 files  at
most ( i.e some header files,1 bash script 1 c file etc).
Most of the time its  one of the  last 3-6 files i accessed.

Solution:Heated Tabs:
In the treeview open document list we have [ ICON, FILENAME
 So every time a document is activated we inc the
((GeanyDocument)doc->heat_count) and we then run through all open
documents and make add a "red/hot/fire" icon similiar to the
document-icon (maybe wider/longer) to the top 1-2 files.  and a
Orange/medium-heat icon to the 3rd-4th most used document

Almost like a MRU(Most Recently Use) Cache for the Open Document list
a which highlight/icon'ify the top 3-6  Documents in order ?

Your thoughts ?

Best Regards

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 9:43 AM, Lex Trotman <elextr at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Jacques,
> It is hard to advise if a feature is appropriate for Geany core or not
> when we don't know what the feature is :)
> Cheers
> Lex
> On 29 September 2011 17:21, Jacques du Rand <jacquesdr at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Guys
>> I want to implement a new feature it will have close interaction  with
>> the sidebar->open_files (module ?)
>> b) the new feature will be triggered every time a 'document-activate'
>> signal is sent
>> c) It will then need to update the model(treeview) in  "sidebar->open_files"
>> Now my question is this since I then need to add fields (2) to the
>> enum below and do some  other' work' on the sidebar_openfiles widget.
>> It will be difficult  and 'ugly' to do it in a plugin ?
>> It was thinking of just adding the 'feature' to geany itself with a
>> config-option to turn it off and on ?
>> I will of course do a proof of concept and then submit the diff/patch ?
>> file:sidebar.c
>> /* documents tree model columns */
>> enum
>> {
>>        DOCUMENTS_SHORTNAME,    /* dirname for parents, basename for children */
>>       DOCUMENTS_NEWFIELD_1  /*  just to illustrate  */
>>       DOCUMENTS_NEWFIELD_2 /*  just to illustrate  */
>> }
>> Best Regards
>> Jacques du Rand
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